Gate Locks

First Call Locksmithoffer’s increased security to your gates.
This also helps in keeping you, your family and as well as your valuables safe.
If you are looking for installing locks on your gates or for an upgrade, we offer a variety of locks you can choose from.
At First Call Locksmith we also offer several different gate services that will surely meet your security needs.

Key LockableKey Lockable Torrance

Having a gate that requires a key, offers you great security.
For you to open your gate from the outside, you will need a key, yet you do not need a key to open your gate from the inside.
For security reasons, the locks automatically lock whenever the gate is closed.
More often than not, you will find this type of outdoor gate locks on metal gates.

Sliding BoltSliding Bolt Torrance

Having sliding bolts are most common, and its also a great option.
You have to slide the bolt manually into place to lock the gate.
The bolt is positioned on the gate’s interior and you cannot access this from the exterior side.
The most common place you’ll find this lock is on the wooden gates.

Spring LatchSpring Latch Torrance

Spring Latches function with the use of tightly coiled spring, which latches 2 components together.
The best thing about this is that it enables your gate to open or close easily.
Several modern spring latches come with some switches that protect the latch to open and such locks are frequently used on both metal and wood gates.

Outdoor Gate Locks– Should You Install It On Your Own or Hire a Locksmith Torrance?

If you have already decided which outdoor gate lock you want to have installed.
It’s now time to decide if you will install it by yourself or consider hiring a locksmith professional.
To ensure your security we recommend to hire a professional.
At First Call Locksmith our professional technicians have many years of experience in the industry.
We have the expertise to install almost any kind of locks you need.
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